09 Feb United ’99 Problems’

[rev_slider alias="raceism"]Little do people know, Raceism United recently had a change in management and boy do we have our work cut out for us. So to mark a new era for Raceism United, we released a new t-shirt into the wild. 99 Problems is now available for pre-order! Unfortunately...

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22 Dec Jordan’s Volvo C30

As I glare blankly at this page trying to get all of my thoughts down on paper, I must first reflect on what derived my love for the Volvo brand and more importantly the C30 model. My first exposure to the C30 was in 2011 when...

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I've been waiting for this event for a long time, possibly because when it was moved to a different place in 2015, I could not attend. I think that moving back to the stadium was a brilliant idea as that's where I always associate this...

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19 Jun xPOSED 2016

On the last Sunday of May we have gathered in one place some of the finest builds which Ireland has to offer - we called it xPOSED! We have filled the National Show Centre in Swords, Co. Dublin with maddest, lowest and freshest yokes on the...

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10 May Declan Curran’s VW Golf Mk5

I have known Declan for a year now. I have first met him at Castlewellan in 2015 where upon meeting he called me by my Instagram name… I knew then, I was ‘kinda’ Instagram famous (shades emoji) Since then we have met up at various...

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Dubshed 2016

08 Apr Dubshed 2016

Since 2010, each year car community of the island of Ireland is having the opportunity to meet at the largest Volkswagen Audi Group (VAG) car show organised by the GTI NI team. This years show was a little bit different…. First - change of the location from...

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09 Feb Adam’s BMW E91 “Safety Car”

Hi, my name is Adam Deryng or more commonly known as ADphoto. My history with cars began about 4/5 years ago from when I went to take photos in a drift competition. Ever since then I’ve been hooked! First car which I’ve modified was a Honda Civic Type R replica. After a few years my family expanded and then it was time to change cars. I thought long and hard to decide what the perfect car would be, finally I decided a BMW E91 would be the perfect fit.

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26 Jan xPOSED at Heatwave Motor Show

Heatwave Motor Show was never on our calendar of events. It simply wasn’t our type of show. Crowded, full of rice rockets, LEDs and big arse spoilers… ricer boy, please. Skanger me banger. It seemed like the dark side of the moon, somewhat alien. Kind of a relict of the past – late 90s blast. Bodykits, Halfords and Van Aaken stickers – the modified scene. We, on the contrary, like our cars clean.

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